• Alpha Dog Affirmations
    Alpha Dog Affirmations
    Categoría: Espiritualidad
    125 Episodios
    We have one shot at life, and we can choose to go with the flow..(BORING & REGRETFUL) or we can discover the bad assness within and discover something very few ever experinece... A BAD ASS AND FULL LIFE!!! See more...
  • Alpha Dog Mindset
    Alpha Dog Mindset
    Categoría: Superación personal
    99 Episodios
    Our thoughts create our environment, if we want a better life, we must have better thoughts. This podcast is motivated to inspire the highest and most epic bad ass thoughts possible. We want all people to live, enjoy, and experience the greatest life possible and we must enable higher and healthy thinking to achieve this. Though See more...
  • Alpha Dog Motivation
    Alpha Dog Motivation
    Categoría: En forma
    14 Episodios
    Motivate yourself to the next level See more...